Our Vision

“To be the regional trendsetter in the Insurance industry”

Our Mission

We are committed to creating benchmarks of quality, high value for clients and nurture long-term relationships with all stakeholders by offering insurance brokerage services that are of international standing through inspired creativity, reliability, competitiveness and responsiveness of its staff and processes with the utmost goal of customer delight.


Miran Insurance Brokers Limited (MIB) endeavours to be a market leader and trendsetter in the provision of insurance brokerage services for all client segments. We are committed to adopting a process approach in managing our business.

Our management team has a continual commitment to:

i.   Ensure customer requirements and expectations are determined and fulfilled, with the aim of achieving customer satisfaction

ii.  Communicating the importance of meeting customer, regulatory requirements and other applicable guidelines

iii. Communicating the quality policy both within the organization and to the interested parties and also benchmarking best practices and technologies to respond to customer needs.

iv. Establishing quality objectives while ensuring regular review of Quality Management Systems (QMS) performance as a means of measurement and monitoring of effectiveness and efficiency of the system.

MIB shall continually plan, control and mitigate risks in line with business norms to improve the implementation and maintenance of QMS in compliance to requirements of ISO 9001:2015

This policy shall be displayed and communicated to MIB employees, availed on request to other interested parties and shall be reviewed from time to time to ensure continuing suitability.

Our Core Values

Business Ethics

We embrace honesty, fairness and transparency towards our customers and all stakeholders in all our dealings.


At Miran Insurance Brokers Limited, Quality is a commitment that we must undertake; we constantly strive to improve our processes and services guided by the desire to satisfy our customers


We believe in continual improvement of our services gearing towards customer delight

Customer Orientation

The concerns and needs of our customers are the driving force behind all our endeavors


We complete the task correctly by embracing codes of conduct within our industry and the principle of “Do it once, do it right”.

Our staff, our strength

We take pride in building and retaining our staff through personal development and on the job training, embracing technological advancements as well as providing an encouraging working environment

Brief History

Miran Insurance Brokers Ltd. (MIB) was incorporated on 8th September 2003 after having operated as an agency from 2001 and since then, it has emerged as an insurance service provider with a professional approach to the public and insurance companies. It was established with the goal of demystifying insurance products and services hence making them accessible to a wide cross section of Kenya.

Our Clients